Kendall College’s very first cookbook featuring global recipes from our award winning faculty 

This global cookbook serves up a spoonful of what our students have come to expect from our talented international faculty and showcases why Kendall is ranked No. 1 in Chicago for preparing students in careers for culinary arts (TNS Global-2013 Survey). Kendall College students are global as well, with more than 60 countries represented on campus. The hands-on training our students receive, including degrees in hospitality management, business and education, prepares them to be ready for the world. Below is a sample of some of the delicious dishes found in the cookbook.



“Sharing Our Global Passion” cookbook

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Sample Recipes:
Recipe by Chef Michel Coatrieux Recipe by Chef Christopher Koetke Recipe by Chef Erika Masuda
This French recipe is rooted in classical cuisine, but uses newer techniques such as sous vide or the use of a thermal whipper to provide differing textures.
A typical Ecuadorian soup with simple flavors and thick, satisfying potato soup made in the birthplace of the potato. The combination of avocado and potato is delicious.
This Japanese dessert was inspired by the abundance of citrus that gives vibrancy to the wintry months; highlighted by the snowy nougat glacé studded with various colored citrus peels like jewels in frost.

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