Culinary Certificate

The Kendall College Culinary Certificate experience puts you in our world-class training kitchens to make you feel just like a culinary arts student. You can:

  • Gain a greater understanding of food, cooking and a higher level of confidence in your home kitchen 
  • Learn from Kendall College Culinary Arts Faculty 
  • Reinforce cooking skills and enhance your technique in this unique personal enrichment experience 
  • Complete a food-safety and sanitation course and sit for the City of Chicago license exam 
  • Complete an online self-paced nutrition module to better prepare you to make safe and healthy meals


  • The Kendall College Culinary Certificate of Participation can be obtained in just under a year
  • Classes are taught on two consecutive days a week (Monday thru Thursday) in the evening from 6:30 - 10:30pm to accommodate a full-time work schedule
  • Each of the eight zero-credit courses lasts five weeks with three breaks during the year 
  • Optional tutoring sessions are offered on Wednesday nights 
  • The class culminates with all participants preparing a Sunday brunch in the Dining Room at Kendall College for friends, family and the public. A short ceremony will be held to present participants with their Certificate of Participation 
  • All classes are non-credit bearing

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